Lebanon Wine Festival

MCC TRADE LIMITED director Mr. Johnny Massaad Attended One of the Lebanese Wine Festivals on the 23rd August 2019 in Mount Lebanon as he decided to add the Lebanese wines to the company’s portfolio !!! Wine has been made in Lebanon for at least 5,000 years since the Phoenicians domesticated grapes.

Lebanon was, part of the biblical land of Canaan. Jesus changed water into wine there at the wedding of Cana. the wine industry is now well established Lebanon has 300 days of sunshine a year which provides a long growing season. All of the wineries have their Own vineyards.

Today’s wine industry in Lebanon is still influenced by the French. The most heavily planted varietals include Cinsault, Carignon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Mourvedre. There are also some indigenous grapes being used, most notably Obaideh and Merwah, both white grapes.