Still water

we think these Harrogate Spa Still Spring Water Glass Bottles are essential for any busy office, business meetings,restaurants,hotels and conferences.

These Glass bottles of Still Water from Harrogate Spa, winners of the “Best in Class” award, provides excellent value for money to keep you hydrated all day. Harrogate Spa still water boasts perfectly balanced minerals, including virtually no nitrates and sodium in the water.

Harrogate Spa still spring water is also in a range of sizes including handy 330ml bottles.We supply packs of 12x750ml and 24x330ml.


typical analysis(mg/litter)

  • Calcium 57
  • Magnesium 19
  • Chloride 34
  • Bicarbonate 215
  • Sodium 7
  • Nitrate<1
  • Sulphate 8
  • Ph (at source) 7